Industry Experience

Tae Seangpeoam, founder of Neztec Solutions, has extensive experience in Information Technology. He specialized in the software and telecommunications industry as an expert in global network communications. He received a master's degree in computer science from Villanova University, specializing in networking design and architecture. 

Mr. Seangpeoam's previous career experience includes MCI/WorldCom and Verizon Corporation. This hands-on experience provided him with the foresight to create a company that could provide clients with a simple communications tool, SIMC - Safety Information Multimedia Communications. SIMC connects corporate and staff without the burden of operational costs usually associated with safety compliance programs. 

He decided to use his project management knowledge, industry experience, and technical skills to provide technology that would embody his clients' objectives to expeditiously and successfully complete their communications goals and achieve cost savings. Mr. Seangpeoam has a unique ability to motivate individuals to focus on quality and integrity. His previous experience includes the design and implementation of the first electronic toll EzPASS system in the U.S., the 2000 Republican Convention, New Jersey Library and Public School Systems, major financial institutions, 9/11 Disaster Recovery, and Verizon Data Center and Network Operation Center - a testament to Mr. Seangpeoam's knowledge, persistence, and focus on delivering the correct technology solutions for each client.