Case Study

Our research shows that getting important messages, policies, and rules out to employees who have no easy way of receiving those messages is challenging for any organization. While working with our client, Philadelphia Energy Solutions (formerly Sunoco Refinery), to close a loophole in their communication, we identified problems in the way their employees receive corporate messages. 

With our technologies, we corrected the problems so that important messages and information are delivered effectively and efficiently every time. In addition, we assisted in the measurement and evaluation of the system's results while supporting our client in managing creative, yet simple messaging campaigns. Our results have shown that understanding the corporate target audience is critical. 

Yet, implementing modern technology requires a specific skill set, which Neztec can provide. In this instance, Philadelphia Energy Solutions knew exactly what messages they were trying to get out to their workers, staff, and contractors. However, the existing method did not meet necessary goals and objectives. Neztec came in under budget and delivered a powerful result exceeding our client's expectation within a month. 

"Yesterday's technologies can't solve modern problems. Let's be smart about which one is going to fix real problems not just today and tomorrow, but 40-50 years from now."