Neztec instantly turns your corporate communications system

into a 21st century GRC prevention and mitigation communications system.

Corporate policy, ethics, compliance & safety.

Across your organization nationally and worldwide.

Unnecessary costs and burdens of disseminating information. 

Fines, sanctions and penalties.






Cost Reduction





We create digital installations to inform, guide and inspire employees about corporate policy changes, ethics, compliance and safety, and to disseminate important messages at time of crisis


Our unique approach is instrumental in improving your risk and compliance culture regardless where your employees are, when it is, and in

whatever language they are speaking.


Cutting-edge workplace communication

Risk & Compliance platform and service provider


Real-time emergency communication

Culture-change advisory specialized in GRC and EH&S


Assess clients' communication, culture, and internal environment

Identify risks, exposures, and inefficiencies

Present key-findings and roadmap

Consult with clients to develop customized strategies and goals tailored to their needs

Actively evaluate metrics and adapt accordingly


Increase efficiency and effectiveness of disseminating information

Implement and manage changes of important messages

Deliver consistent tone from the top to demonstrate the intention to comply

Put in place defense mechanisms

to reduce fines and penalties








We bring innovation to compliance with our proprietary broadcast of messages, SIMC (Safety Information Multimedia Communication)to encourage creative thinking and communicating. 

 Human psychology + Behavioral economics + Systems engineering 

Through SIMC, corporate messages are delivered via internet-connected screens strategically installed across the organization. This enables corporations to disseminate customized, real-time, visual messages to targeted employees.


Costs of white-collar crimes and misconducts to US businesses and stakeholders per year


Costs of cybercrime to US corporations per incident


Average loss per company* due to inadequate communication to and between employees
*with 100,000 employees


Direct and indirect costs of workplace accidents in US per week

The future of the workplace





We empower businesses to help employees

make the best decisions and uphold your corporate values.

A vision of better, safer and more open, effective and accountable company.



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